About Us

Thanks for visiting California resistance. We are socially conscious, entrepreneurial, and active people who wanted to do something to make a difference.

When we woke up on November 9, we knew we had to do something and crying wasn't an option.  So we chose to fight and fight with the tools we had.  Patrick knows how to start a business and Willie knows how to design shirts. We wanted to use our anger, energy, and knowledge to make a difference.  

We are distressed about where our country is going. We provide liberal activist and patriotic Californians a way to express themselves and give back to the causes they care about at the same time.

We don't really care if you are liberal or conservative.  We care if you are committed to freedom, justice, and opportunity for all Americans.  We aren't here to judge.  We believe in the inclusive, open, and tolerant place that California is today.  Our logo is a rampant bear.  It represents all of the best in California.  We stand firm in our fight.  

We pledge to give a minimum of 25% of our profits to the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund.  If we can, we'll give more. 

Oh, you probably want to know about our products.  All of our products are designed and printed here in California. We keep it local. Our shirts are a super soft organic cotton printed with water-soluble inks.  We use Farm Fresh Clothing in Sebastopol for our printing. We make our own designs, do our own accounting, and represent ourselves in a fair and just manner to all.  We do all of our shipping ourselves via USPS.  

This isn't big business, this is our business. 

Thanks so much for shopping with us. We are at the beginning of a great journey to defend both our state and our country.

- Patrick and Willie